Have you ever opened the front door only to have your dog or cat race past you into the neighborhood? Slipped off the leash while you were on an evening stroll? Or maybe come home to find that they’ve dug under the fence and left behind their collar with the ID tags still attached?

These are some of the scariest moments of owning a pet. If your animals have made it out of your home without any identifying information, owners are often stuck frantically searching the local pound or internet forums looking for a beloved pet. Instead of waiting to figure out the hard way, we highly suggest microchipping your pet to help avoid losing them for too long.

Other shelters and even good Samaritans know to get lost pets scanned for microchips to see if they can be reunited with their owners. Family Member Animal Hospital has a universal microchip scanner and if someone finds a lost pet, we are happy to scan the animal for a microchip and assist in helping find the owner. Microchipping registers you as the pet’s owner and this is important so there is not anyone else claiming to be the owner. The microchip is literally your positive proof that the cat or dog is your pet. It’s better than the most secure of collars and you can change the information attached to the chip whenever you need to. 

If performed by a skilled veterinarian, there are minimal risks involved in getting your pet microchipped. The chip is about the size of a grain of rice, and can be easily implanted just under the skin. If done incorrectly, the chip can migrate to a different spot, making it significantly harder to find later on. Dr. Gunckel regularly performs these procedures and can provide your pet with a safe and effective microchip.

Family Member Animal Hospital is proud to provide microchipping services in the Loveland, Fort Collins, Drake, Estes Park, Windsor, Johnstown, Berthoud, Longmont and Greeley communities.