We know you take the health of your furry friend very seriously, which is why we provide safe spaying and neutering services performed by a highly skilled veterinarian. We use the best anesthetics on the market and will alter any drug protocols that will be the safest for your pet. Dr. Gunckel and her staff will walk you through the procedure so you know exactly what to expect and what the risks are with any sedative procedure.

Our facilities for these surgeries are sterile and our team is ready to make this as easy as possible on your pet. With our state of the art equipment and monitors which measure vital signs, including heart rate, blood oxygen levels, respiratory rate, blood pressure and temperature. We constantly monitor your animal for any signs of distress throughout the surgery from start to finish, which can help prevent many adverse effects of anesthesia. Dr. Gunckel offers and recommends to her clients a post operative therapeutic laser, which reduces swelling after the procedure and promotes faster healing.

After the spaying or neutering is complete, we’ll discuss with you everything you need to know to make sure your pet recovers as well as possible. We want to provide you will all the tools you need to keep them comfortable for the days and weeks after the procedure.

If you’re still deciding whether you’d like to get your animal spayed or neutered, we’d love to have you reach out to us with any questions or concerns. The surgery itself can prevent certain forms of cancer and other medical conditions in cats and dogs as they age. Additionally, Family Member Animal Hospital is committed to preventing overpopulation and crowding in local animal shelters throughout the community, and spaying or neutering your pet is a big step in the right direction.

Family Member Animal Hospital is proud to provide safe spaying and neutering services in the Loveland, Fort Collins, Drake, Estes Park, Windsor, Johnstown, Berthoud, Longmont and Greeley communities.