It can be easy to forget just how important wellness exams are for the health of your pet. Serious conditions can go unnoticed for quite a while without a skilled veterinarian seeing your cat or dog regularly. Dr. Gunckel can help keep you updated on the overall well-being of your animal through the years, letting you know when there might be cause for concern. Building a relationship with the right vet can be especially helpful for tracking any signs of illness over time.

Depending on a variety of factors, we can suggest the ideal schedule for wellness exams for your pet. Some breeds are especially prone to debilitating diseases, so we like to be a little more cautious when seeing those animals. Aging pets also require more frequent exams and personalized care, and we are here to help them throughout every stage of their lives.

The main focus of a wellness visit in our clinic is the maintenance of peak health in your pet. These sessions generally consist of an exam to check your pet’s gait, body condition, haircoat, and a number of other measures to look for physical signs for disease. Dr. Gunckel and her staff will also ask you questions about your pet’s diet, daily activity, behavior and lifestyle. These answers will help us figure out if there are any extra preventative treatments we should be providing to keep your animal healthy or if there is any cause for concern.

Family Member Animal Hospital is proud to provide wellness exams in the Loveland, Fort Collins, Drake, Estes Park, Windsor, Johnstown, Berthoud, Longmont and Greeley communities.